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22nd April 2005Memorial service for Rorke's Drift Man tomorrow
By Ed Coan
Many of you may have already heard, but in case not, just to say a special memorial stone is being place on the grave of Sgt Henry Gallagher tomorrow (St.George's Day) at Christ Church, Portsdown, nr. Portsmouth.

The stone will simply say 'A Rorke's Drift Man'.

A short service starts at 2.00pm and all are welcome. It is anticipated that one, possibly two Zulu princes will be in attendance, and various dignatories from the local Borough Council.

There will also be a short talk about Sgt.Henry Gallagher's role at Rorke's Drift.

I've been helping organise the event with Sgt Gallagher's great-grandson, Roger Lane, so hope this is enough to go on, as I am out for the rest of today so won't be able to respond.


22nd April 2005Andy Lee

Well done for your part in honouring Sgt.Henry Gallagher, hope the day goes well for you all.

I plan to visit when next passing but if by any chance you get a spare photo of the headstone would gladly purchase a copy from you.

All the best tomorrow, hope all goes well.


Andy Lee