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22nd April 20052197 sergt J Moore 1-24th
By Glenn T
Could any body help me in finding out any information about two medals i have just inherited the first is a south africa medal with 1879 bar awarded to 2197 Sergt J MOORE 1-24 FOOT the second is a long service good conduct medal 1109 Col Sergt J Moore S Wales Bord along with the medals is a very bad photo copy of a diary which i think was written by Sergt Moore during his time in Africa. I think he was my Great uncle and would love to find out more about him can any one help also the were abouts of the original diary many thanks Glenn
22nd April 2005Bill Cainan

See if you can get hold of a copy of "the Noble 24th" by Norman Holme. It contains quite a long paragraph relating to Sgt Joseph Jesse Moore. The 2197 was his 25 Bde number (when he served with the 1/24th), and the 1109 was his SWB number, when the 2nd Warwickshires changed their title to SWB.

22nd April 2005Martin Everett
Dear Glenn,
The internet provides the answer with the minimum of effort. Why do not come to the museum and do the research yourself - that's what we are there for.