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28th April 2005Reply to Trevor`s 26th April Cartridge case ebay sale
By Derek
Ive posted a reply to Trevor`s remark`s about me personally (IE IM A CREEP) and wanted to reply to the member gentlemen out there who may know me or not.
The item`s i was selling have been in my family for year`s they were part of a forced sale.
I totally agree with the KwaZulu natal monument`s council rule on digging up artifact`s but these were from the 60`s and i very much resented being called a creep which anyone in the zulu war circule know`s im not.
Will look forward to reply`s i have supplied TREVOR with my phone number as well as my email address so he can contact me and at least be a man and give me a chance to answer his question`s.
Many thank`s.
28th April 2005Trevor
Got my facts mixed up, and didn't get all the story!!!!
I apologise to you and the forum for my error.
I am man enough to say I was wrong, and next time i'll do proper research before I put my fingers to the keys, and my foot in my mouth.
Again. Please accept my appologies.
29th April 2005Derek
All seem`s a bit silly now but i would like to thank you Trevor for your apology,I think there are such a small group of us in the UK who are really passionate and have a real love for our proud millitary history we should all be working together and maybe not against each other which maybe all of us are guilty of from time to time.
If nothing else Trevor, maybe next time we can chat as friend`s on a topic.
Thank you.