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28th April 2005barricade in front of the hospital
By Andrew Holliday
The bariicade in fron of the hospital was attacked the most times during the battle of Rorke's Drift.

How many men were defending that position until they wer ordered to withdraw, behind the 'dog leg barricade?
30th April 2005Julian whybra
This sort of question is impossible to answer accurately plus the number would have varied during the battle itself. On emight speculate that with 40 men in the hospital, 10 or so in the storehouse, there might be 40 along the south wall and sixty along the north wall and kraal wall at any one time...but this is speculation.
15th May 2005Mike McCabe
A very persuasive attempt at doing so has nevertheless been made by Lee Stevenson in his short book on Surgeon Reynolds - whose hospital orderlies formed part of the defence at the southern tip of the breatworks, near the 'hospital' veranda. Still visible today on the ground at Rorke's Drift is the piece of dead ground that (once entered) provides a covered approach to within 20-30 yards of that very vulnerable sector of the breastworks. The other prolem was that very little fire could be projected from any part of the defensive perimeter to cover the dead ground screened by the hospital's southern wall.It's also very difficult to generate 'mutual support' from other parts of the defended perimeter. No surprises therefore that it was easy for the Zulus to mass there in enough local strength to eject the few defenders.