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4th May 2005Question about Quartermaster's details
By Justin Young
I'm wondering if anyone has any info on Quartermaster Patrick Lacey of the 94th Foot. I have the details from 'MacKinnon and Shadbolt' but no other references to his service in the ZW and Sekukuni campaign (I don't think he served in the 1st Boer War)

Many thanks
4th May 2005Martin Everett
Dear Justin,
Patrick Lacey
born 11 Feb 1830
In the ranks 21 yrs 268 days
Appointed QM 10 Nov 1869
Hon Rank of Capt 1 Jul 1881
He probably has a LS&GC, but no other medals according Army List January 1882.

You could always go to the National Archives at Kew and tell us what you find
4th May 2005John Young

Just to add to Martin's comments:South African War - 1879 - Zulu Campaign - expedition against Manyanyoba and other hostile chiefs, and in the operations against Sekukuni. Medal with Clasp.
Source ‘1884 Army List’

John Y.
4th May 2005Justin Young
Thanks for that Martin and John, thats a great help. I have the 1879 Army list which gives very little detail and the 1885 Army list which doesn't show him at all - I presume he'd probably retired by then.

On a similar note, I've always been a bit unsure of the rank of Quartermaster and where it stands in the ranking system of the British Army. I'd always presumed a Quartermaster was a senior Warrant Officer - likely promoted from Sgt Maj. or R.S.M but when looking at some descriptions of this Rank, they have said it was somewhere between Captain and Major. Perhaps someone could put me straight on this


5th May 2005John Young

I think you are confusing the ranks of Quartermaster- Sergeant and that of Quartermaster. One being a senior non-commissioned officer, the other a commissioned officer. As to warranted ranks in 1879, I know we've ventured down that path before on the forum.

John Y.
5th May 2005Martin Everett

After the AZW, PL became QM of 4th(Militia) Bn of the Connaughts (was the old Galway Militia - obviously based at Galway, which was also the Regt Depot of the Connaughts). Retired with the honorary rank of Major on 31 Dec 87. There is no other additions to his war services as far I can see.
5th May 2005Justin Young
Hi John

I was without a doubt a bit confussed as to the Rank of Quartermaster, infact I was not aware that a QM was a Commissioned Officer (although various sources pointed to this being the case)- I knew their was a big difference in rank between QM and QM Sgt but thought they were both NCO's - Thanks for pointing this out.

Martin, Thanks for digging more info out on QM Lacey, it certainly makes sense that he went on to serve in the Militia, as I find no reference to him serving with the Regt in the 1st Boer War.