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9th May 2005100 Greatest war films
By Colin Blackler
Just seen an advert on C4 for Saturday nights program at 9.20
Cant wait to see where ZULU comes, my guess would be definitly top 10
either 5 or hopefully even higher, we all know its number 1 but you can never trust Joe Public !
Hope Zulu Dawn also makes the top 20
Going to stick my kneck out and say Saving Private Ryan will be number 1 with these others in the top 10 in no particular order
The Longest Day
Thin Red Line (remake)
Born on the 4th July (really anti war though)
Apocalypse now (could not stand it)
Full Metal Jacket
Cruel Sea
Reach for the Sky

Only trouble is I shall have to tape it as I promised the wife I would take her to see Kingdom Of Heaven at the pics
10th May 2005Andy Lee
Hi Colin

Thanks for tipping me off about this one, It would be great if Zulu did win and it should. However, my money would be on 'Black Hawk Down' was a top class film.

10th May 2005Andrew Holliday
Zulu is at least in the nominations, Zulu Dawn however is not
10th May 2005Leigh tarrant
Well colin - seems like it will be a good one to view - remember 'Zulu' is quite old now and its the younger generation that mainly votes...Other great war movies have to be :
The Alamo(Wayne) vastly underrated
Guns of Navarone (Classic)
Bridge on the River Kwai
Charge of the Light brigade
Custer of the west (well maybe...!)
Battle of Britain (To some degree)
Where Eagles Dare
Das Boat
Battle of the Bulge
Cross of Iron
The Great Escape (my number 2)

Zulu would be my number one...
10th May 2005Coll
War movies I enjoyed -

The Dirty Dozen
Kelly's Heroes
The Eagle Has Landed
A Bridge Too Far

Zulu, however, is an epic, but unfortunately I doubt if Zulu Dawn will rate highly.
10th May 2005Andrew Holliday
Zulu I think will rate highly, Zulu dawn is not mention on C4 website

since veryone else is doing it I 'm listing my top war films in order:

Zulu (aways has been always will be)
The Alamo (2004)
300 Spartans
Saving Private Ryan
Son Of The Morning Star
Custer Of The West
The Charge Of The Light Brigade
Black Hawk Down
A Bridge Too Far
11th May 2005Arthur Bainbridge
I would think Zulu will be between 50-100 as it will probably be a young audience who votes.Iwould love to see the best years of our lives on the list a war film without any war scenes but very powerfull.I would hope the film all quiet on the western front is high on the list
14th May 2005Edward Garcia
In no particular order:

They Were Expendable
Thirty Seconds over Tokyo
Paths of Glory
Stalag 17
Das Boot
All Quiet on the Western Front
Twelve O'Clock High
The Big Red One (2004 Restored Version)
Dr. Strangelove
Lawrence of Arabia
The Great Escape
Breaker Mornat
Farewell to the King
Bridge on the River Kwai
Band of Brothers
The Four Feathers (1939)
The Wind and the Lion
Master and Commander
Kelly's Heroes
Cross of Iron

I could go on but I have to leave now.
14th May 2005Alan Critchley

To accompany the details there is a picture from 'Zulu' featured in the TV programme guide which I have.

14th May 2005Neil Raaff
Hi all,

Suprised to see that Platoon hasn't been mentioned by anyone yet. I rate that movie most highly.


15th May 2005Phil Pearce
Living in wales i can only get S4C . They show a lot of English language programmes sometimes weeks after they are broadcast on Ch4 so lets not spoil things for we Welsh .
personally I enjoy
1 Midway
2 battle of the river plate
3 waterloo
4 Schindlers List
5 Zulu
But if you enjoy watching war propergander films & wish to see a world that never really existed then you cannot beat Mrs Miniver
15th May 2005Arthur Bainbridge
I agree Phil Mrs Minever is not in the real world, yet it has a magic of its own, and influenced a lot of people in the USA that it was time to enter the war.The vicars speech at the end of the film is inspiring
15th May 2005andrew holliday
how bad is ths, 100 greatest war films is in 2 parts 1 on last night and 1 tonight the Sunday people newspaper has put a list of all the war films in the paper spoiling it
15th May 2005lonesome guitar
top 2...
the deerhunter... apocalypse now

any takers?
16th May 2005Michael Boyle
As well as...

Hamburger Hill
Enemy At The Gates
The Lighthorsemen
Pretty Village,Pretty Flame
Cast A Giant Shadow
The Bridge (or Our Bridge)
Wild Geese
Pork Chop Hill
The Steel Helmet
Too Late The Hero
One Man's Hero

So how did Zulu do?
16th May 2005Glenn Wade

Zulu came eighth, beating the likes of Spartacus, Gladiator, Enemy at the Gates, Lawrence of Arabia and Stalingrad. Number one was Saving Private Ryan and I think deserved it. A good show I reckon


16th May 2005Leigh tarrant
But where was 'The Alamo' John Wayne????!!! What about Operation Daybreak - a very realistic film!!!! oh well....
17th May 2005Phil Pearce
If the Germans had realised that people like Dame May Witty ( Lady Beldham in Mrs mrs Miniver ) Had existed would they have " dared to bomb us " lol I wouldn't have crossed her!