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17th May 2005A.Z.W. Weekend at Brecon 28th & 29th May
By Phil Pearce
How many of you will be attending? I will be bringing my mum along ( Grand daughter of Robert Jones V.C Rorkes Drift ) & I belive that some other decendents of his will be there as well.
18th May 2005Colin Fielding
Morning Phil, I shall be there all week-end. Traffic may be an issue as I believe it is the week-end of the play-offs at Cardiff.
18th May 2005Phil Pearce
Well although I work in Cardiff , which will be a bind friday evening as I work in the centre ,I live close to Porthcawl some 25 miles down the coast & will be travelling up via the Neath valley, Merthyr, then picking up mum & dad who live a lot closer to Brecon than I. hopefully I will miss Any jams.
23rd May 2005sarah jones
Yes i will be going as well with my mum as robert jones is my gg grandfather and as most of the family live in Brecon travelling won't be a problem for us, and that weeknend as it happens we are having a family get together so most of us will be up that weekend