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22nd May 2005What Are The Chances Of New Evidence Appearing ?
By Coll
I promise this is my last topic concerning Col. Durnford. (at least for a while)

As so much is known about Durnford's life, etc., I realise there is no way to move forward in his defence, unless new evidence shows up, giving a fresh understanding of the man and the events leading up to his role in the battle at Isandlwana.

As there is a chance of maybe going round in circles using the same defence each time, I wondered if there would ever be a chance of anything new being discovered in his favour.

My previous topic was really just to try and find a way of building a 'profile' of him that could somehow help in understanding him better, maybe, at a long shot, explaining what it was that drove him to make the decisions that he made in his life, right up until he entered the battlefield.

I thought a detailed study of the man himself using this modern method, by someone who has no previous knowledge of Durnford, the AZW, etc., might have hopefully uncovered something, not previously considered, which could be debated at length.

However, I will continue to pursue my projects connected to him and keep my fingers crossed that new evidence does appear, or the above suggestion of an in-depth study of him to obtain a 'profile' becomes a reality.

22nd May 2005Michael Boyle

Hope springs eternal, but we may have to rely on what's already available in the meantime. (Tall order that as well, perhaps!)


22nd May 2005Mike McCabe
Having, been involved about ten years ago in tasking somebody to assemble a psychological profile of several people, the interesting initial difficulty was to assemble enough of an information field to make a vaild, rational, and objective start. Also, we would not be much better off if we had a generic estimate of Durnford's overall psychology. Robin Drooglever has effectively provided us with what roughly equates one (though not specifically aiming to do so) in his thesis and book. More significant is what might have led Durnford to act, speak, and make decisions as he did on 22 January 1879. It's also likely to depend on a more mature understanding of the parallel behaviour of the other primary actors whose own inputs were significant influences on the same day (Pulleine, Gardner, etc).
We cannot give up all hope that 'new 'material might emerge - never forget the 'Curling' development. However, it does seem unlikely - unless a lineal descendent is hanging onto something, or some new source material is lost in a box or archive somewhere.
22nd May 2005Coll
Michael and Mike

Thanks for your replies.

On the subject of 'new evidence' that could be used in Durnford's defence regarding his role in the battle at Isandlwana.

What sort of information do you think could add to what we already know about both him and events, that would assist in the efforts to move forward in his defence and give a more positive account of the part he played ?

Also, I am hoping more in the way of letters and possibly diaries will surface at some stage as well, as these would maybe give an insight into both his private and military lives.

I don't think it will happen, but hoping anyway.