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22nd May 2005Zulu War DVD
By Andrew Garton
I am searching for a NTCS version of Ian Knight's
The Zulu War,There where 3 titles on one DVD The Road to Isandlwana,The Washing of the Spears and Death of a Warrior nation.So far all I can find is Pal.Please Help!
22nd May 2005Michael Boyle

It would seem producers think we region one'ers should restrict our interest to the Alamo and the Little Big Horn. (May be other's as well!) However that seems awfully unfair to Canadians.

The best bet,though unfair, is to buy a region 2 or region 'none' player as well (though region 'none' doesn't always work and region 2 players require a signal and voltage converter in addition). Although I am anti-hacker myself I understand that there are ways to 'bypass' REGION encoding and HACK your existing player, to be found on the internet. (Though it would no doubt void your warranty.)


28th May 2005Steven Sass

There is somewhat good news in that in the US the cable channel know as 'History International' and sometimes cross referenced with the 'Military History' Channel, is playing the entire series in three parts. Now if one has access (or in my case a friend who has access) to a Tivo or DVR, they can set their electronic calendar to record the program the next time it's on. It's being shown in three parts with the overall title being "The Zulu Wars" and the subtitles being (at least in my guide) 'The Road to Isandlwana', 'The Washing of the Spears' and 'Twilight of the Zulu Nation.'

It is indeed an excellent series and should be seen and obtained at all costs and inconveniences. That being said, if after good effort you are unable to obtain access, let me know. Although Ian deserves to be rewarded handsomely for his scrupulous scholarship, I'm pretty sure once it's shown on cable it falls under the guidelines of public domain. My aforementioned friend has suggested he may put all three episodes on one disc for me. As I assume your intentions are honorable and only wish a copy for your own personal use, feel free to contact me off forum and we can work something out. Perhaps I'm a tad old fashioned but maybe a small donation to Ian or his guns appeal would help to preserve honour all around.


28th May 2005Michael Boyle

Actually broadcast doesn't equal public domain. In the States at least you are legally permitted to record a broadcast for your personal later viewing (or personal archival use if recorded from a purchased source). Any subsequent distribution is,alas, considered piracy. (A rather hot topic in the corporate world right now!)

In order for intellectual property to fall into the public domain requires it either to have outlived the copyright or for the copyright not to have been renewed.

Just so we're all on the same page in this PUBLIC forum.



29th May 2005Steven Sass
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the clarification. I am a strong believer in intellectual property rights and it is a good thing that you explained correctly the manner in which to view the law. It's the assumptions that usually get us into trouble and sometimes in my case I need the extra help!