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23rd May 2005Medal to an Isandhlwana casualty
By John Williams
I have a South Africa Medal to a Sergeant in the 1st/24th Foot, a confirmed Isandhlwana casualty. Does anyone know what it might be worth?
23rd May 2005Michael Boyle
Much, ever think of donating it the RRW to be displayed next to those of his mates?
23rd May 2005Paul Thorpe
Not entirely sure but I'd like to buy it. Please e-mail me. Thanks.
23rd May 2005Peter Weedon

Come to Brecon on Saturday or Sunday and ask John Hayward, the medal specialist from Spink. The last two medals to Privates at auction have sold for £4,000 and £4,500 from memory. An NCO may go for more, depending on condition.

24th May 2005Geoff
Nonsense Peter, I bought two last year for less than a thousand pounds each. If anyone would like to offer me £4000 for the pair they can go tomorrow.
24th May 2005Michael Stone
Tend to agree with Geoff on this one £4000 seems a very ambitious price. £1200 might be more of a realistic figure.
24th May 2005Peter Weedon

If the medals are genuine then you got a bargain and I am sure that someone will take you up on your offer. Yes, you can buy South Africa medals to the 24th for less than £1,000, but frankly I would be very suspicious that anyone would sell an Isandhlwana casualty for that price. Perhaps you could post the names of both men on the site as I would love to be proved wrong.

25th May 2005Neil Aspinshaw
The last two examples I have seen sold were Kempster 1/24th, £3500 (from the family), and one of Dysons Company £4500 at Birmingham.
So £3-4000 is not unrealistic, certainly that I the price I am expecting to pay for a "genuine" medal if one became available.

Medals are like other memorobilia they are flying high in value.

26th May 2005John Williams
Now you can see why I need help with a price!

The current "Medal Yearbook" values a South Africa Medal to a confirmed Isandhlwana casualty at betwwen £4,500 and £5,500, which is very much in line with Peter's valuation. The one I have is in mint condition, in its original box of issue and the registered envelope to his wife plus the medals of his son (Boer War) and grandson (WW2) - but these are nothing special.
26th May 2005Peter Weedon

This sounds like a wonderful family group. If you do choose to sell, it would be nice to keep the family medals intact. That said, many collectors specialise in a particular era, so Boer War medals wouldn't necessarily be of interest to a Zulu collector. The fact that your South Africa medal is "brilliant uncirculated" by the sounds of it and in the box of issue would put it at the higher end of the price range. Dealers are selling 1/24th medals to privates in the £4,750 - £4,950 range. You could ask one of these to sell for you, or take a chance at auction. If two people want it, you are quids in; if there is only one serious bidder, you may struggle to get a minimum price but still have to pay a minimum commission.

Good luck

29th May 2005Marting
As a very serious collector I would be interested in such a medal but learnt long ago that what the "book" says and what is actuallyy achievable are often two very different things. I would certainly purchase such a medal but would retire from bidding anywhere after the £2500 mark.
29th May 2005Geoff
Perhaps the best way is to put it on an internet auction site such as Speedbid or ebay with a reserve of (say) £4,000 and see where it goes. It has attributes which raise it above many casualty medals and if a little research into the man were done then who knows what may turn up ?