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27th May 2005Adrian Greaves
By Andrew Bush
I have just looked at the new books in the above shop and all are by Adrian Greaves, is he bringing alot of new material to the table.I have just read "Red Coates and Zulus and found it quite interesting , I have most of the main books on the war since around 1980. and I am just reading the Curling letters.

Andrew Bush from Australia
1st June 2005Peter Harman
The book Curling Letters is brilliant.he
To think those letters were actualy wrtten by a person who was there.
He too did not think much of Chelmsford.

2nd June 2005Michael Boyle
His latest book had over 2500 pre-orders.
2nd June 2005Michael Boyle
And his "Rorke's Drift" has sold out the second edition and the third is on it's way.