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27th May 2005Adrian Greaves
By Andrew Bush
I have just looked at the new books in the above shop and all are by Adrian Greaves, is he bringing alot of new material to the table.I have just read "Red Coates and Zulus and found it quite interesting , I have most of the main books on the war since around 1980. and I am just reading the Curling letters.

Andrew Bush from Australia
28th May 2005Michael Boyle

Oddly enough Dr. Greaves has come up three times in the last five days. Try the home page google search (for this site) and you should find 85 listings.


28th May 2005Andrew Bush
The point I am trying to make is that as far as I am concerned Ian Nnight to me seemed to be the master of the subject, I am a humble enthusiast of the Zulu war .I have followed the war since I was taken by father when we lived in Derby to see Zulu. But Adrian seems to be taking up where Ian left off , if I am wrong please humble me .By the way I am going to Zululand with my father in sept can anyone advise of the relevant clothing required we now live in Australia
28th May 2005Clive Dickens
Ian Knight is bringing out another new book shortly Titled "Rorkes Drift The True Story" it is due to be published sometime in July/August this year.
28th May 2005Coll

I agree that Ian Knight is very knowledgeable about the AZW, as I have several books of his in my collection.

However, it really does need more than one author's views on the events of 1879, in order to approach the subject from different angles.

There are a couple of authors on this site who are bringing out books, which, judging by the mention of the contents, they should make very interesting reading.

I'm sure a huge amount of discussions will follow on this site, upon the release of these new titles.

29th May 2005Julian Whybra
By far the best history of Isandhlwana is David Jackson's Hill of the Sphinx David has certainly been my mentor and if you were to question Ian I think you'd find he's considerably in David's debt in that area too.
30th May 2005L.J.Knight
yes i would agree with Julian on that,and would add alongside that his ground breaking article in the journal of the society for army historical research. 'Isandhlwana 1879-the sources re-examied'. march 1965..regards,L.J.Knight
3rd June 2005Steven Sass
Just a question (I'm sure Julian can answer this without even having to think about it), but has the British casualty count at Isandlwana been changed. In the summary for "Crossing the Buffalo," (in the shop section) it states that more than 11,200 British troops were slaughtered and ritually disemboweled. Someone may wish to correct that, I dare say if the British had 11,200 regulars at Isandlwana the outcome would most certainly have been somewhat different.