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28th May 2005Retiring Gracefully
By Mike Snook
With the publicaton of the first of my books looming onto the horizon, I think it is appropriate in the interests of free speech to retire from the site for a good old while. I will be saying a few controversial things and offering a few new ideas and interpretations and there will be a desire amongst enthusiasts to discuss the merits (or otherwise) of my ideas, without having me looking over people's shoulders.

I think this must be one of the highest quality historical chat sites on the internet (i.e. in the world) and it's been a great pleasure participating here. I hope you enjoy 'How Can Man Die Better' (Aug) and its companion volume, 'Like Wolves on the Fold' which will follow in the spring of 06. Not everybody will agree with everything I say but I hope you will at least find them worthy: it was the most enormous fun researching and writing them and I hope you derive the same enjoyment from reading them.

Didn't want to just mysteriously disappear without explanation, but 'retiring gracefully' is now the right thing to do.

With best wishes to all
Regards as ever
28th May 2005Mike McCabe
Where's the fun in that?

28th May 2005Coll

Thankyou for all of your help.

Enjoy your retirement.


29th May 2005Michael Boyle
Mike Snook,

Assuming you aren't off to a desert island or assisted care facility I hope you won't hesitate to re-join us when retirement becomes tedious.

(Perhaps if you visit anonymously we can goad you back in!)

In any case it's been a pleasure and a learning experience.



29th May 2005Ron Lock
Mike, So its goodbye for a while - and just when my decoys seemed to be getting the upper hand! P.Q. and I look foward to supplementing the Snook retirement fund in August. "Can Men Die Better" will be followed in September, and from the same stable, by our "Zulu Vanquished" which will take the reader to battlefields seldom seen but where the drama of the Anglo Zulu War and where another cover up will be revealed for the first time. Get ready to flee down Devil's Pass, fight hand to hand at Kambula and then march with the Second Invasion to the final climax at Ulundi!
29th May 2005Peter & Alan

Thanks for all your contributions and your kind words - I hope we see you back here sometime! :)

I know Alan would have something along the lines of "now then, nobody told you to stop working!" if he wasn't in SA at the moment!! hehe..

All the best,

29th May 2005Keith Smith
Mike S.

Sorry you have made this decision but of course I respect your reasons for doing so. It was fun while lasted and I very much hope we can lock "horns" together again!

Best wishes

Keith Smith
1st June 2005Rich
Retiring? Surely you jest after putting your irons in the fire with some new books coming out. I'll be getting them and looking forward to your points of view! Question is will you keep everybody hanging if they want to track you down and get into mortal "arguments" with you on your positions?? ;-)......Maybe when the pina coladas run out you'll be back????
1st June 2005AMB

Keep well, mucker. I look fwd to your comments in the BAR!