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By Phil Pearce
Yessterday my mother saw her grandfathers V.C & campaign medal for the first time. It was a lifetime ambition come true. She was very emotional especially at the fact that my nan didn't live to ever see her fathers medals again. My nan would have given almost anything to get Roberts V.C back into the family where it belongs but none of us ever dreamed we would ever see it again.
I would like to thank all those involved in bringing Robert jones V.C to Brecon if even for only two days. The look on mums face when she saw it was astonishing. Although nan was not there in person to see her dads V.C. again I know that she was there in spirit.
Again thank you one and all.
With the greatest of thanks
Phil Pearce
29th May 2005Tony Jones
Dear Phil,
i,ve just got back from Brecon and seen 716's and 593's VC's(and Robert's campaign medal) together on display.It was the first time i have ever seen William's VC and felt a sense of relief in seeing our two ancestors re-united,symbolically,for the first time.It was a very emotional time for me too,as a stood there and gazed endlesly at the cabinet.I took my camcorder with me and took photos of all the medals.If you would like a copy of my film,then please do not hesitate
to send me a mailing address so that i can get a copy to you in the post immediately;i hope your mum will able to view the pictures time and time again.All the best.

30th May 2005Phil
Dear Tony,
have mailed you off site. However will thank you here.
30th May 2005Phil Pearce
Mind you in the exibition there are posters on display including one of Robert Jones . This Poster shows Robert with facial hair which has obviously been added to the copy of the original pic . I can say this with confidence as not only am I the great grand son of Robert Jones but the original picture of him with his V.C, ( from which all copies are taken ) hangs in my dining room.,........NO FACE FUZZ ON THAT ONE
30th May 2005sarah jones
Lots of my family went also to see their great grandfathers Robert Jones's vc and went to the talks held on sat they said it was a very enjoyable day, but sadly i was unable to make it this weekend, but they have taken photos for me to see.Sorry to of missed you Phil would of been nice to of put a face to a name.
30th May 2005mike brown
Dear phil,did your great grandfather adopt two children,
15th June 2005Phil Pearce
No Mike he did not adopt any children. When he died in 1898 he had 5 natural children of his own. the youngest was only a few months old. However his widow did remarry & went on to have two more children of her own with her second husband. What names are you thinking of......
Sarah , if you are unlucky I will mail you a pic of me ....ha ha
15th June 2005Phil Pearce
Sarah, whast a shame none of them made their attendence known,...How unlike great aunty Emilys family to be quiet,,,LOL
17th June 2005sarah jones
Hi Phil sorry been away so now can catch up with replies on this site.That be great to have a pick to see if you look similar to any of us. I know what you mean for my aunty to be quiet is a great task i am sure if my mother would of been there also they would of been heard.