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30th May 2005ARE WE THERE YET?
By Mike McCabe
I fully appreciate my presumption in writing this message - which might (or might not) roll onto page 100.
However, apart from Alan and Peter (without whom nothing here would be possible) I can think of few people who in recent times have done more to sustain and prosper the heritage of the 24th and the Zulu War than Martin Everett, at Brecon.
He has followed in a succession of very distingushed men but has done much to foster and encourage a clear and true understanding of the history, traditions, and significance of his fine Regiment - with whom he has been personally associated for some 40 years. This influence has been both impressive and widespread, extending to many contacts in many continents, and specifically including KwaZulu Natal.
So, hats off to a fine man, to whom (in varying degrees) many people owe much.
30th May 2005Bill Cainan

Yes, indeed. The undoubted success of last weekend's "Supreme Courage" event at Brecon is yet another example of his unflagging effort to sustain the spirit and ethos of the "Noble 24th".

Looking forward to next year's event already !

8th June 2005Peter Critchley

I've been away until today, and Alan is currently in South Africa (who knows, he could just be going incognito for a while? ;) ) but I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write your comments down.. :)

Indeed, Martin does a fine job at the museum, and I'm only sorry we were both unable to attend the event recently.. so hear hear!

Thanks very much for your kind words about our humble efforts.. technology is a wonderful thing, but really the work comes from Alan and his love of the subject matter. It's always very very rewarding to see the continuing and rising interest in the subject.

For those of you with an interest in such things, this year the website has had over 130,000 hits, averaging around 25,000 a month. It's been at this level for over 12 months, and peaks to over 30,000 during January. I think this is honestly staggering, and goes to show the value placed and interest in British military history and the bravery of all those men on those days in 1879.

But to be perfectly honest Mike, the real honours go to everyone who contributes here. A website which just holds the facts and figures is not a living thing, it's the ever interesting discussion and debate (on the odd occaision, heated!) that provides anyone new to the subject with a live and real world forum to interact with those "older" hands on the subject. To me, THIS is why the website is so successful, and without all of you, it would be a pretty tall order to sustain the heritage of the 24th and the Zulu War.


8th June 2005Michael Boyle

To me the wonderful help (and indulgence) shown by the "old hands" (or "big guns" as I like to think of them) is 'how' this website is so successful. You and Alan are still the 'why'! Kudos to you both for not parlaying your hit numbers into advertising riches.