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2nd June 2005Crossing the Buffalo
By Robert Jones
Having just received my copy of Dr Greaves latest book I was very impressed by the cover painting of the battle of Isandlwana---it is one that I haven,t seen before.
Does anyone know who it is by and is it possible to obtain a copy?
2nd June 2005Coll

In a previous topic it is mentioned that the cover illustration is part of a larger picture called 'Incident at Isandlwana' by David Cartwright.

2nd June 2005Martin Everett
Dear Robert,
We do have a few artist signed prints for sale £35 plus pp - contact us on [email protected]
5th June 2005David
This book is the last book that Adrian Greaves will publish on the Anglo Zulu Wars as for the last twelve months he has been researcking his next topic of T E Lawrence.
9th June 2005Gary
Does anyone know how good this book is? Opinions?
10th June 2005Robert Jones
I am certainly no historian, just someone who enjoys a damn good read and has an interest in the A.Z.W. and it certainly is a good read.
Dr Greaves differs with some other historians on some points but the research is excellent and it covers the war from start to finish--including the mess the British made of Zululand afterwards!
15th June 2005Edward Bear
In which we assume TE Lawrence marries, and lives happily ever after - though after very serious ammunition supply problems, and somebody else writing the Pillars of Wisdom for him, as part of an intrigue involving King George V!