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2nd June 2005Cetshwayo statue
By Stephen Coan
KWAZULU-NATAL Premier S'bu Ndebele recently announced plans to erect a statue of King Cetshwayo kaMpande next to Queen Victoria outside the legislature building in Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg, and another of Bishop Colenso in the same precinct.

The Witness, Pietermaritzburg's daily newspaper, has joined the campaign with a donation of R10 000 and invites other city businesses and readers to contribute to the project.

Colenso supported Cetshwayo in his bid to present the case for his restoration to Zululand to Queen Victoria who he met in 1882.

Donations can be made into the following account at First National Bank:

Witness King Cetshwayo Statue Fund;
Branch code: 257 355 (Liberty Midlands Mall);
Account number: 6208 2955 645.

This information can also be found on the Witness website: - just click on Cetshwayo Statue Fund on the top right of the home page.
4th June 2005Alan Critchley
I took some photos of the Queen Victoria statue a couple of days ago. Not sure where they'd place Cetshwayo unless they replace the Shepstone statue. which is about 20 feet away.
There is a statue of Cetshwayo in his homestead museum at Ulundi.
5th June 2005Peter Ewart

I wholeheartedly agree with the Cetshwayo statue but hadn't realised that Colenso, too, was to join him nearby - how fitting. Just what WOULD the citizens of Maritzburg, circa 1870s, have said?

6th June 2005Stephen Coan
Re the placement of the King Cetshwayo statue. At present Queen Victoria is right in front of the legislature building - a few steps to the right (of left) for her and there would be room for Cetshwayo.