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11th June 2005Chards medals?
By Trevor
I understand Chards medals dissapeared on the day of his Burial. Including his VC.!
What i've read indicates stolen!!!
But it makes sense to me that his brother may have placed the medals in the coffin. "Which by the way i think is where they belong"
I know it's speculation. But does this make sense to anyone else?
Chards last days where miserable. His brother helped nurse him at the end, and must have understood the significance of the medals to his brother. And what he went through to get them.
We all know the financial worth of such medals.
But Chards brother being a Vicar. Would probably have invisaged the enormous responsability, and trouble. Taking care of these medals. So he put them where he knew they belonged. With the man that earned them.
What will completely blow my romantic theory out of the water. Is if Chards brother reported the theft of the medals to the police? I can't see the Vicar lieing about a theft. But if it was any other person who reported the "Theft" Then.?????????????????????????
11th June 2005Martin Everett
There are a number of stories about Chard's Victoria Cross and campaign medal. I leave to others to tell you. But his medal group is held by a private collector and was on display at the Brecon Museum over weekend of 28-29 May. This group has been been authenticated by Spink & Sons - bith the naming and the metal used.
12th June 2005Neil Raaff

Following from what Martin said I heard the following (don't know whether this true).

Chard's campaign medal and an alleged copy of his VC came up on auction list years back. Stanley Baker, having played Chard, bid and successfully won the pair. Subsequent metallurgical analysis showed the VC to be authentic.

I don't know whether this is one of "those" stories and a load of rot but as a medal collector it would be nice to think such things can happen (never to me - more's the pity). Beats re-uniting any group or plaque/group (who honestly has had much success on that front?)!

I'm sure some forum member will give the correct account of events.



12th June 2005Neil Raaff
I did a bit of scratching around and found the story on the Spink page. URL:


12th June 2005TREVOR
The scratching around I did, comes up with roughly the same stuff!
But what i have read states the sale in 1972 of 3 Colonel chard medals. Where ALL sold as cast copies.
These "copies" VICTORIA CROSS/SOUTH AFRICAN MEDAL 1877-79 WITH CLASP/QUEENVICTORIA DIAMOND JUBILLEE MEDAL 1897. Came up for sale at Glendings of London. 17th May 1972. The VC sold for £2.700. Which sounds the right price then for a GENUINE VC! Or am I wrong?
This must have been a reputable Auction house. Can't see them not doing a proper check on the medals! Then Auctioned them off as copies.
When you say MEDAL GROUP! What medals please?
13th June 2005Martin Everett
dear trevor,

Sorry for the delay - the medal group only contained the VC with the campaign medal. The only reference I could find to the award of the 1897 Jubilee Medal is contained in James Bancroft's Zulu War VCs. So someone would need to check this award to Col John Chard. The clasp on the SA War Medal is '1879' which tallies which the medal roll. So the his Jubilee Medal location is unknown - I am not sure these were issued named - but I am sure someone will put me right on this.
14th June 2005Sheldon Hall
The story about Stanley Baker's purchase of Chard's VC is not quite complete. He died without knowing it to be authentic and his family subsequently sold it on the understanding that it was a replica. Only when it was in other hands did they discover that it was the genuine article, and by then it was alas too late to reclaim it. One of "those" stories indeed, but not one with a happy ending (for the Bakers at least)!
14th June 2005Michael Boyle
The link that Neil provided mentions that Chard's Victoria Cross was covered in black ink. Could that be an indication that some one was using it as a stamp to make impressions? (My easily diverted mind being quite imaginative!)
14th June 2005Trevor
Does no one, find it strange that the reputable auction house sold the VC. "AS A REPLICA!!!!!!"
Surely they would have done the research and checks on the item.
Martin. Damn good question mate. Where the medals issued NAMED???
Keep hearing stories chaps. Any facts?
14th June 2005Neil Raaff

With regard to the Jubilee medal: It was awarded in three grades and in all instances was unnamed. On that basis it is quite easy to see how it could be separated from the VC and SAGS.


Both the SAGS (campaign medal) and VC would have been engraved with the recipients name/rank/unit (and in the case of the VC the date of the action) - as mentioned above the Jubilee medal was not named.

It does seem a bit odd that the decoration was written off as a copy despite the family's view that it had never left the family. I suppose people take a very biased view (experts included!) when something doesn't appear as it should and this was clearly the case with the VC. In hindsight, a metallurgical analysis on consignment would have cleared up any doubt.

Very unfortunate for the family.



15th June 2005Martin Everett
I would like to add (without giving information away) that the Chard (the one purchased by Stanley Baker) and Bromhead VCs are identically named. Anyone wished to create a forgery would have to had access to the Bromhead cross.
15th June 2005Trevor
What's the history on the Bromhead VC Martin?
Has it changed hands many times?
Where is it now?
Whas Chards VC ever "Reported" stolen?
Sorry to be a pain. But if i could just find out if Chards VC was stolen on the day of his funeral? My original theory might hold water!