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14th June 2005looking for zulu props
By welshred
please could anyone tell me if there is a site to buy promo pics of the film zulu thanks
14th June 2005Diana Blackwell
The best place I know of is eBay. Although there aren't any "Zulu" stills for sale on eBay today, there very frequently are, so you would do well to check back regularly. In addition to stills, eBay also sells various videos and DVDs of Zulu, as well as posters, autographs from cast members, and other memorabilia.
14th June 2005Michael Boyle
For reproductions you might try :

The first one has the Australian poster as well and the second has stills. Though Diana's advice will get you the real things. (As long as you're careful!)
15th June 2005Martin Everett
Contact us direct and we can give you the address of someone who has stills for sale.