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20th June 2005Lieutenant Geathly
By David Weir
I am trying to track down the record of an action in which a Lieutenant Geathly was killed or for which he was awarded a medal.
I should be grateful for any assistance. Thank you.
20th June 2005Trevor
Which War?
Any first name?
What Nationality?
What century?
Is he relation?
What regiment?
Where was he born?
When was he born?
When did he die?
I'm sure i've missed something?
Hope this helps?
21st June 2005Edward Bear
And, if at Waterloo, which platform?
21st June 2005Paul Bryant-Quinn

Hi David

As you've found your way to this site, I'm assuming that you believe the soldier to whom you refer to have taken part in the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.

His Army records may well be held in The National Archives at Kew - can I recommend you start your search there? Have a look at their website before you go(

Kind regards,

21st June 2005John Young

No-one by the name of Geathly appears to have been awarded the campaign medal for 1879.

I can find no record in the 1879 Army List of such a name either.

Can you enlighten us more or are looking in the wrong place?

John Y.