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21st June 2005Zulu Dawn U.S. DVD release
By Edward Garcia
According to Zulu Dawn will be released on DVD for the U.S. market
on Sept. 27, 2005. I have not uncovered any information regarding the specifics of this version – length, screen format, bonus features etc.
22nd June 2005Michael Boyle

Thanks for the update. All I can say is it's about time they finally got around to us region oners! I hope it will be widescreen but hey, anything's better than my old worn out VHS tape.

Wonder if anyone's planning a book on the background and details of it?


22nd June 2005Sheldon Hall
Not me! But there will be some stuff about it in the ZULU book (coming soon!).
22nd June 2005Michael Boyle
Hi Sheldon,
I'd bet the inside story of "Zulu Dawn", given all the eclectic actors, shot in SA at the height of western disinvestment and the subsequent copyright problems would prove to be an interesting story though!
22nd June 2005Tim
HI Sheldon,
I've got your book on order and look forward to reading it.
I see the cover shows Michael Caine fighting a Zulu on the roof of the hospital.
Any reason why you chose this particular shot?
Good luck with the book
23rd June 2005Andrew Holliday
What book are we talking about here?
23rd June 2005Tim
Hi Andrew
Sheldons forthcoming book "With Some Guts Behind It".
You can see the front cover at Amazon.
Due out next month I believe.
Hope this helps
24th June 2005Steven Sass

Is there any possibility (although I'm sure this will be a huge inconvenience for you) that for the "faithful," we might be able to get your book directly from you so as to benefit from a personal inscription? If that isn't possible perhaps a limited amount could be set aside for purchase through this site? Just wondering, truly not attempting to add burden to your schedule. I can't speak for everyone but I would even be willing to pay somewhat of a premium for your inconvenience. I just think that when an author signs the work he has sweat and bled for, it becomes an heirloom rather than just book (regardless of how good it is.) I intend to pass my library and collection down to my children and if you are kind enough to sign it, the book now has a story that will hopefully accompany your work through the generations. As I truly believe you are unsurpassed in your field (regardless if we always agree), a signed copy of your work would certainly occupy a place of special importance in my library.

Thanks in advance,

24th June 2005Sheldon Hall
Unfortunately, in the case of ZULU DAWN the background story would probably be a lot MORE interesting than the film! There will be enough material on it in ZWSGBI (first time I've used that acronym) to whet the appetite of some eager researcher. Incidentally, the provisional title of the prequel when first announced in 1973-4 was A WASHING OF SPEARS. Wonder where that idea came from?

Considering how many images there are of ZULU (I had access to 1,000+ and there will be c. 450 in the book), there were very few suitable colour cover pictures. It really came down to a choice of two, both showing MC on the hospital roof. The alternative one was used as our provisional cover before we went with the second one, which is simpler and somehow purer, more iconic (one soldier, one Zulu, locked in combat). Sorry if that sounds pretentious, but there it is!

We're ahead of you! Anyone registering their interest on the Tomahawk website will be asked, when they receive their notofication that the book is ready for delivery, whether they would like it inscribed and who to. I will write a personal message, when requested, on each one ordered direct from the publisher (these should actually be cheaper than the standard RRP). The Royal Regiment of Wales shop should also have a stock of copies, which can probably be ordered through this site (Alan, Peter or Martin Everett will be able to confirm if this is the case). Thanks very much indeed for your very generous comments (and I hope the book lives up to them) - it's nice to know one is appreciated and will live on, so to speak...

The Tomahawk website, BTW, is Latest ETA is August (though it still says July). There is a very good reason for this further slight delay, which the book itself will explain... and it will be worth it!
26th June 2005Steven Sass

Thank you for the tip regarding ordering options for your book. I e-mailed tomahawkmedia's site and received a response within hours, with clear and specific instructions going forth. Once at the site it is easy to find the proper information from which to proceed, as Sheldon's books is featured quite prominently. Not to take away from any other sellers, but for those who are interested in an inscribed copy, this process addresses the issue clearly and efficiently. In other words I highly recommend!

Thanks again and cheers,


P.S. As Sheldon intimated, the site also mentions a discount will be offered as a result of a direct order placed through them---an inscribed copy for fewer shillings---pretty much a "no brainer"!!!
26th June 2005Steven Sass
Sorry all, above I make mention of Sheldon's book(s) being featured. Unfortunately it was just a typo and although the following grammar should give it away (as I am unfamiliar with everything that Sheldon has published) I realize it may have given some the hope there is an entire bibliography of his work waiting for their perusal, It was strictly in referral to "With Some Guts Behind It."

My apologies,

14th July 2005Peter D.
Found this listing for the U.S. "Zulu Dawn" DVD release; if it's accurate, it's bad news indeed: full-screen, not letterboxed: