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24th June 2005Rorke's Drift - Artillery
By Bob C
The garrison list for Rorke's Drift lists several artillery men as present there when the battle took place. But there does not seem to be any use of artillery in any of the historical accounts of the defence. Surely there must have been one or two guns which could have been used to devastating effect the Zulu onslaught? Any thoughts on this, as it has always left me wondering .....????
24th June 2005Julian whybra
Bbdr Lewis and Gnrs Evans and howard were all in the hospital; the reason Cantwell's presence at RD I can't recall for the moment. Basically they were there not as part of any RA detachment.
27th June 2005BobC
Julian...many thanks for yr reply. In retrospect, l guess all guns would have been taken to Isandlwanha with the main force.