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24th June 2005The Buffalo Horn at Isandlwana?
By Trevor
Don't understand the concern about where the forward firing line was at Isandlwana. Wouldn't have thought it would have anything to do with the outcome of the battle.
If it's now agreed that there was a single spaced line of redcoats facing the "Head" of the advancing Zulu. Then the "Head" of the Zulu advance didn't have to breach the front line to win the battle.
If there was little or no defence to the flanks of the redcoat front line. Then the Zulu "Horns" were bound to get behind and do the most damage to the redcoat front line!
Doesn't really matter if the frontline where struggling with ammo, or guns jamming. If the Zulu had the means and capability to go around the frontline. Then the battle was allways lost to the Redcoats.
24th June 2005rich
I think your totally right. I would say the front line could have kept the zulu head at bay indefinetly. If it was me and I noticed zulus infiltrating the camp, I would have dropped everything and ran!
24th June 2005Andrew Holliday
I agree it was the Zulu horns which did most of the damage, with the Martini-henry the British could have defeated the Zulu army six times, so the outflanking move must have been decisive.
26th June 2005Edward Bear
Trevor, you have it in one!