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5th July 2005Going to Zululand
By L.J.Knight
hi everybody,i'm proposing to take a look for myself in 2006, hopefully staying at The Fugitives Drift Lodge, will anyone who has been there fill me in on the following details 1are.there direct flights from Mnchester, 2. as im intending to stay for a week is there an all inclusive package available,ie.accomodation,guides,transport from and to the airport (Durban?) and a rough estimate of the outlay for the whole trip. 3.would someone provide me with the f.d.l.mailing address so i can communicate my intentions directly to them, anybody is welcome to e-mail me at thier leisure. regards..L.J.Knight
5th July 2005Peter Weedon
Follow the links on the left and that will take you to the Lodge. Stayed there in 2002 - not cheap, but a wonderful experience. Talk to an independent travel agent for the best deals for flights - Dial a Flight are very good (they advertise in the holiday sections of most papers).

5th July 2005Neil Aspinshaw
You can book the lodge direct through Karen or Nicky at [email protected], they like a deposit but that lets you pay at the end of your stay. I have a good contact which is [email protected] who sorted alot out for me on our foirst trip.
Try www.opondo or for flights. I found the more regular go into Joberg, I book ouir vehicle through avis who's depot is right outside the terminal at joberg.
The drive is about 41/2 hours, dead straight roads and N3 motorway.
Drop me a line if you need any more info.
6th July 2005L.J.Knight
Thank Peter for sharing that with me..Neil thanks as well mate, lots of good info. and thank you i wont hesitate to drop you a line should the need arise.(which is usually the case,lol)..i have had direct to my e-mail reply's which were full of good advise and infomation thank you all very much regards L.J.Knight
12th July 2005Edward Bear
Unless you especially want to go to FDL, you should consider staying somewhere else so as to have more time available to you to explore the area. It is actually quite easy to self-guide to all of the main battlefields and sites. And, David Rattray will not necessarily be your guide, and the daily routines of FDL will consume much of your day. Unless you are staying at FDL for some time, and they can fit in a 'Fugitive's Trail' walk for you, then there are not huge advantages in staying there and you should consider more flexible, and significantly cheaper, alternatives.
16th July 2005L.J.Knight
Thanks for that E.B.and to all of you for your comments and some quite detailed advise as it will be my first visit i want to do and see "the lot" while im still fit and strong, im thinking about three grand to be on the safe side.does that ammount sound familiar;lol regards to all L.J.Knight