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8th July 2005Thoughts, prayers and shared sorrow
By Steven Sass
As it hasn't been said yet, I will take it upon myself as an American to wish our deepest sympathy the people of Great Britain in the wake of these latest examples of reprehensible, cowardly terrorist attacks. To take and destroy the lives of innocents accomplishes nothing beyond the revelation of what these evil these sociopaths stand for. I for one have always been appreciative for the support our British cousins have given unconditionally, especially in the wake of 9/11. My sentiments cross party and ideological lines, my only hope being the lives and needs of the victims and their families are not forgotten and that ultimately those of craven ignobility, who have proven nothing beyond their own lack of worth to humanity, are brought to justice.

Again, my deepest sympathies and gratitude for support past---Sincerely,

8th July 2005Andy Lee

I for one appreciate such sincere sympathies at this very sad time, I know the feeling of appreciation for unconditional support goes both ways and I'm proud of the fact the cross atlantic bond is so strong.

All the best mate.

8th July 2005Andrew Garton
I would also like too take this time too express my sympathy as well.God Bless the United Kingdom.
8th July 2005Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
Thank you for that Steven. I am a Londoner living in New Zealand and I think I can honestly say that the vast majority of the people of my adopted country share in Steven’s sentiment. The sick minds that do such things will not beat us but alas their attempts will take a toll.
9th July 2005L.J.Knight
Yeah but chins up everybody,we've all been there before, to even acknowledge thier existance gives credence to base and ignoble warped values,so many nationality's were involved in thier latest obscenity.peace and love,one world freedom for all mankind god willing! regards to all..L.J.Knight