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8th July 2005Not related - but where can i find navy records
By mark

Im trying to track the ship that my late father served on , I know that he was in the Royal Navy , and was present at the japanese surrender in tokyo Bay in 1945

Surname stevens , after many searches i have come up blank

any pointers would be greatly appreciated
8th July 2005Martin Everett
Dear Mark,

Most people now think that everything is available through the Internet. This is not true. Many service records for WW1 and WW2 are still paper-based and therefore not available on-line.

I expect if you are looking for service records then the place to start (and you have to write an old fashioned letter) is:

Naval Pay & Pensions
Centrurion building
Grange Road
Gosport, Hants PO13 9XA

and you probably need number, rank and name

Alternatively I expect a visit the the national Archives at Kew will be able tell you which British warships were in Tokyo in 1945, but probably not the names in the ship's company.