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12th July 2005With Some Guts Behind It - The Making of Zulu
By Andy Lee
Hi Sheldon

I notice your eagily awaited book has a gone from a July to September 2005 release date. I'm sure the wait will be well worth it and hope I'll be able to purchase a couple of signed copies.


12th July 2005Sheldon Hall

I hadn't seen this new release date (on the Tomahawk website) till you informed me (Amazon says August), but it seems accurate! There are good reasons for the additional delay, and the book will be better as a result (trust me).

As I've said recently on another thread, all copies ordered through the publisher's website at will be signed personally by me at the buyer's request, so I look forward to inscribing your double-header!
12th July 2005Andy Lee
Thanks Sheldon - look forward to the release date and hope the book is a success which I'm sure it will be.


13th July 2005Tim Mulligan
Sheldon, for those of us in the USA, can you mention ordering and payment options?

PS I teach a class on "History through Hollywood," naturally "Zulu" is on the list and it was a resounding hit!
13th July 2005Sheldon Hall

International orders will be accepted at the publisher's website, so I suggest a visit there.

Delighted to learn that you teach on ZULU too! What school, college or university do you work at? I am at Sheffield Hallam University.
16th July 2005Tim Mulligan

The course I teach is at Prince George's Community College in Maryland, USA - I work full-time as an archivist with the National Archives, my teaching is only a part-time diversion and preparation for retirement. But I have 64 registered class members who enjoyed the film, many for the first time!
22nd July 2005jay
Hi, I thought that Stanley Baker and Cy Enfield wanted to create their own `Hollywood` based in Africa? Why has this project never really been a success?
25th July 2005Sheldon Hall
Hi Jay,

I'm not sure what you mean here. Both Baker and Endfield made other films in South Africa (collaborating only on their next, sixth and last film together, SANDS OF THE KALAHARI, though they were both involved in early pre-production on ZULU DAWN), but neither had any grander ambitions to set up production companies, facilities, etc, if that is what you mean. Executive producer Joseph E. Levine did sponsor several more films in S.A., notably the Baker vehicle DINGAKA, and envisioned more because of the low costs and excellent locations there, but further plans may have been curtailed by adverse publicity attached to making films in an apartheid country.

27th July 2005Rich
Hello Sheldon...

As you know I'm patiently waitin' for that book!
Make sure I get your "John Hancock" on it when I order, ok?

I see that we're going to get "Zulu Dawn" on dvd here (US) just about the time your book is going to be out. I hope it's going to be a good transfer and not a slap-dash thing. Do you know who is doing it?

Also, don't you think it's time we get either a new "Zulu" or "Dawn" out? How come we get a new look at Willy Wonka?! If we don't get to Ridley soon, he'll probably do something on the Peninsular Wars I know it!...;-)....

27th July 2005Sheldon Hall

I'm waitin' too! It won't be long now - September, I'm promised. I look forward to applying my moniker to your copy!

ZULU DAWN is being released by Goldhil Home Media, not a company known to me (which bodes ill for transfer quality, though I hope to be pleasantly surprised). Running time according to one source is 121 minutes - we shall see!

The question of remakes has often come up on this site, and I can't see one happening for either film. This is probably a good thing, judging by some other recent remakes (THE FOUR FEATHERS, anyone?), but if some talented indigenous African filmmaker could raise the finance to tell a story of the war from the Zulu side I think we'd all book our tickets in advance!

27th July 2005Rich

Thanks Sheldon.
You know your idea of an AFRICAN helmer getting hold of the Zulu War story would be
fabulous. But I think we can virtually guarantee "fireworks" in more ways than one in the possible portrayal. As noted, Kapur on the Four Feathers was taken to task with his version of British actions in the Middle East. Due to the nature of the subject matter, the Zulu who films knows he cannot hide in the donga...;-)...
28th July 2005Sheldon Hall
Indeed! Incidentally, there is a new film about the Indian Mutiny of 1857, directed by an Indian, called THE RISING, due for UK release next month. The trailer looks quite impressive so I will be approaching this one with interest. I don't know if there will be a US release.
29th July 2005Rich
Not sure myself on the release here but I'd say urban areas with a large Indian community would likely get it. For one thing, lots of people will know about Mangal Pandey if they haven't already. FYI, already there was controversy in Pandey's Indian district over the film since some believed it distorted some facts. did really greased cartridges in the Enfield start a war??
29th July 2005Sheldon Hall
It has always been my understanding that they did, though they may have been the spark which ignited the touch-paper rather than the entire cause of the affair. No doubt someone better informed will enlighten us...