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12th July 2005'The Rise and Fall of the British Empire' by Lawrence James-photo query
By Glenn Wade
Hi all

Just browsing through the shelf in the local library and flicked through the pages of a paperback edition of 'The Rise and Fall of the British Empire' by Lawrence James, I have this book in hardback but it has different illustrations. One that caught my eye was an AZW one which read 'British soldiers stand down after the Defence of Rorke's Drift'. Now I was intrigued by this picture as I had never see it before. It shows British Infantry, certainly of the period, standing among a lot of thatch, possibly a Zulu Homestead. I realise that this being a photograph of Rorke's Drift after the battle is unlikely but has anyone seen it and what does it actually show?

Cheers for any replies

13th July 2005Dave Nolan
Glenn, Going from memory of the picture, which I saw in a book shop years ago, the bearded figure is probably Pearson - check out an image of him and see if you agree, Dave
13th July 2005John Young

In haste - the image depicts the umuzi where the Prince Imperial of France was killed. I've got a photograph from another angle - the same men are amongst the group.