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15th July 2005New Book by Trooper Barker's grandson
By Peter Ewart
Heard this week of a new book just published (privately I believe) in S Africa by Denis Barker, grandson of Isandlwana survivor Trooper WW Barker, entitled ZULUS at BAY.

Haven't seen it yet - it is out only this week - but understand it will retail at about R165, or R120 plus postage if acquired direct. Will be marketed through Exclusive Books etc in RSA and in UK through AZWHS. Perhaps the RRW shop too?

There is a foreword by David Rattray and the book apparently covers the period of ascendancy of the Zulu nation & the causes of the AZW, which itself is covered through the experiences of Barker, Natal Carbineer, presumably drawing also on family sources. The Barkers were a pioneer Natal family.

That's about all I know, details courtesy of a S African contact but I thought a book by a grandson of an Isandlwana survivor would interest the forum. Am not plugging it and can't recommend it as I haven't seen it yet & I imagine that's about all I'm allowed to say on the forum, but I've been given the email address of the author if anyone was interested enough to contact me off-forum.

16th July 2005Robert Jones
If you look in " Your Travel Stories" on this website there is a very interesting article on this very subject.
16th July 2005Peter Ewart

Thanks for that. Just looked at Eileen's account of her visit and enjoyed it. Must have missed it when it first came up.

I can't think offhand of a book on this subject written by a descendant of an Isandlwana survivor, although there are obviously others by relatives of other AZW participants, and I think Ian Knight and Julian Whybra, for example, have connections with KIAs.

19th July 2005Julian Whybra
...and John Young
30th July 2005Eileen Sutton
The book has now been published. I believe that Adrian Greaves will be writing a review of it for the Anglo Zulu War Historical Society which presumbaly will be poublished in the Journal.