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26th July 2005Garden for Africa - Or Garden of Africa ?
By Coll
I'm not starting a new topic about gardening, but wondered if anyone had seen the recent Ground Force programme, where a garden based on Africa, was constructed outside the British Museum ?

Personally, I found it very interesting, with representations of the different areas of the country, including plants and structures.

What was fascinating, was the fact that some of the sculptures were created using parts of decommissioned weapons, which had been exchanged for farming tools, etc.

The sculptor (?) saying that he wanted to use the weapons for a more positive purpose.

Very interesting. (to me anyway)


PS. One of the sculptures added to the garden was called 'The Fallen Warrior'.
26th July 2005Mike McCabe
Is that, perhaps, the better way forward in your Durnford quest - a commemorative tree at the National Arboretum?
27th July 2005Coll

Thanks for your reply.

Yes. There are many ways, I guess, to remember Durnford, whether it be a plaque, tree, statue or, as in the other topic, to help the church and local community at Isandlwana.

One thing is definite, there will be something, even, (as suggested in the Durnford statue topic) if it only happens to be in my garden, should all else fail !

Thanks again

28th July 2005Mike McCabe
Help the church, I would say.