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28th July 2005Scarlet Frock
By Victrix
I am looking for a high quality photos of the 24th Regiment's frock coat.

The reason I am asking, I am currently working on a video game project which focuses on the zulu war and mainly on the Rorke's Drift battle. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
30th July 2005Victrix
So...none has a replica of the tunic???

any photographs in colour will do...

just not illustrated...
30th July 2005Martin Everett
Why do you come to the museum in Brecon?

Alternatively there is a British soldier dressed as on campaign (1879) the Military Museum in JHB - if that is closer.
30th July 2005Barry Taylor
You could always try the gallery at either of the following:


30th July 2005Victrix
yes that helps, thanks alot

by the way any sites with the tunic button close up?
2nd August 2005Jeff Dickinson
Sent you some pics. Hope they help.
Good Luck

2nd August 2005richard
Is this a mod based on the Rome total war engine?