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28th July 2005B Coy. 2/24th Combat Experience
By Michael Boyle
Just something I've been curious about but haven't yet discovered through my reading : Had Lt. Bromhead and B coy. taken part in actual combat together before the defence? I know of course the battalion had but was this company involved in combat with it (individual coys. and officers sometimes being detached for garrison duties etc.)?

(I don't recall this being addressed before and all a site search yielded was :
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(Can't help it, eBay juxtapositions just crack me up!)


28th July 2005Mike McCabe
That's nothing, my search engine always introduces this site with:
"contain objectionable material not endorsed by AOL."

See "The Regimental Records of the 24th..", by Paton, Glennie, WP Symons and Others', and the revised and updated later 1937 version (with reduced coverage) by CJ Atkinson.
28th July 2005Michael Boyle
Thanks Mike, I see the RRW Shop now has it in stock, presumably the earlier version as it's reproduced by D P & G. All the same, couldn't you give me a hint (transit time being a bit long for parcels)?
28th July 2005Mike McCabe
I suggest that you telephone Maj Marrtin Everett at the RRW/SWB Museum at Brecon. He may well be able to provide pointers - and, this has very probably been dealt with on earlier discussion pages too. What emerges is that many of the Zulu war dramatis personae had worked together on operations in the Ninth Kaffir (or Frontier) War. The 1st and 2nd Bns 24th had divergent paths in the 4 years leading up to January 1879, but surprising amounts of similar operational experience in the 12 months leading up to it. See for the gist.