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3rd August 2005Zulu & Gladiator
By John Bolden
Great site! I noticed your many references to the film Zulu, one of my all time favourites, the first movie I ever viewed in a cinema.

In several parts of Zulu there are great soundtracks of the Zulu war dance, particularly before the long run toward the first line of defence...listen to these very carefully then rent the recent film Gladiator - the one with Russell Crowe.

Listen carefully, again, to the war chants of the Germanic tribe right at the start of the first battle scene...they are one and the same!

I guess Ridley Scott saw Zulu and the sound track stuck in his mind, just like mine.

As I said, great site, enjoyed browsing, I am late of Royal Hampshire's now living in Canada.

Sympathies for the horrendous events in London last month.
4th August 2005Paul Cubbin
I can't believe I'm going to say this, but have a look through previous posts and it goes into some detail. I can't believe it because I'm an occasional (at best) visitor to the site and used to get really annoyed at people telling me to check previous posts instead of repeating them. But, good call, I never would have caught it myself.
11th August 2005Terry Douglas
The sound track segment you mention in Gladiator is quite short but sounds the same.
Does anyone know if Ridly Scott was involved in the production of Zulu? Perhaps this is where he got the track from.
12th August 2005Coll
The scene in Zulu Dawn when Harford appears at the wagon with Crealock inside, the piece of music on his arrival sounds like it is from 'The Magnificent Seven'.

Also, I'm not sure if it is Zulu or Zulu Dawn, but there is a segment of music (a harp) which reminded me of the 'Jaws' theme.

But, I'm probably tone deaf, deaf in one ear, or deaf in both ears and I'm just hearing strange noises in my head.

Sorry. Tried out a new beer and I think it disagreed with me, punched me in the face and threw me down the stairs.

Time I started getting serious again, but sometimes there is no fun in that.