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5th August 2005John Sullivan - Stunt Arranger for the Film "ZULU"
By Kevin Sullivan
I am the son of the Stunt Arranger John Sullivan who was in charge of stunts on the film "ZULU". I have a super eight or standard eight film (I'm not sure!) taken during filming of Zulu. It is a behind the scenes look at some of the arranging with zulus and actors. The family has had it for over forty years now and I am wondering if there is an enthusiasts club for the film that would like to transfer it to video or cd format.
5th August 2005Diana Blackwell
This is exciting news! Thanks for sharing. But why wait for a club to step forward? You yourself could have the transfer done quite easily at a full-service photo store for a reasonable fee . (My family did this with our home movies). There would probably be a lot of interest in your film. I'd certainly buy a copy, and many other "Zulu" fans would too, no doubt.
5th August 2005Barry Iacoppi
I’m with Diana on this. No problem getting it converted. Are they the small original 4 minute reels or a number spliced together? If so how many? I’d pay for a copy on DVD. Please don’t let this project drop. Thanks for making contact.

Barry (New Zealand).
5th August 2005Michael Boyle
I think you will find yourself in the midst of a sizable "Zulu" enthusiasts club right here. It might even prove worthwhile to submit the film to a digital lab to help clean it up and transfer it to DVD (with no region encoding of course!) as I believe you find many willing to purchase it here. (Sheldon no doubt wishes he could have accessed it prior to completing his forthcoming book!) Indeed thanks for letting us know and please keep us informed.
5th August 2005Edward Bear
Could the 'Zulu' ethusiasts club not transfer across to Elizabeth Hogan's new Book Review website.
Madness not to really!
6th August 2005Diana Blackwell
It seems a questionable connection, since serious students of RD (like the reviewers, presumably) are usually quite vocal about distancing themselves from the film , with its myths and inaccuracies.
6th August 2005Michael Boyle
Yes Diana I quite agree with you, there is little danger in a 'Zulu' enthusiast taking a serious interest in the Anglo-Zulu War after all, most having come to it through childhood bed-time readings that eshewed Milne's books in favour of Blue Books.
Madness is in the eye of the beholder (or, sometimes, the beholdee)!
6th August 2005kevin heslop
get this put onto dvd sooner then later you will get your costs back two fowld i for one would by a copy
9th August 2005Sheldon Hall
Kevin (Sullivan),
I certainly would have liked to hear from you earlier! I have included a brief biographical section on your father in my forthcoming book on the making of the film, but there are some important details missing. Could you contact me directly at my office email address [email protected] at your earliest convenience? It is fairly urgent, and I would be most grateful if you would reply by the end of this week (Friday 12 August).
Thanks, Sheldon
17th August 2005George Smith
I work in the Film and Video Achive of The Imperial War Museum.
I'd be quite happy to transfer your films to DVD free of charge.