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9th August 2005Thomas Williams
By Dawn
This might be one for Martin. Lance Sergeant Thomas Williams died of his injuries when? In the book, 'The Noble 24th' pg 369 it says he died on 23/1/79 and on pg 382 it says he died on 25/1/79. I'm not doing this to point out faults. I'm writing a book, remember, (see drummer boys) and it has to be right if I mention a real character. (And yes, I've got past drummer 'boys' so don't even go there!)
9th August 2005Martin Everett
Dear Dawn,

I agree the entry for LSgt Tohmas Williams in The Noble 24th is not clear. He was wounded on 23/1/1879 and died as a result of his wounds on 25/1/1879. He is buried in the little cemetery at RD and is commorated on the memorial there.
9th August 2005Dawn
Thanks, that ties in nicely with the events in my book. I've found out that Private Hitch went to Helpmekaar the next day ie. 26th Jan as did John Lyons. So looks like most of the wounded evacuated that day. John Williams must have been too sick to move as he died at RD on 5/2/79.
15th August 2005Julian Whybra
John Williams died of disease - he wasn't wounded at RD.
16th August 2005Dawn
Thanks for pointing that out. I looked at the casualty lists and had presumed he died of his wounds later. Goes to show you mustn't presume anything.