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11th August 2005New Book
By Rancid Pebble
Does anyone know if Ian Knight is releasing a book entitled British Fortifications in Zululand 1879 through Osprey Publishing that is reasonably priced at say £10.99? If so what's it called and who has written it?
11th August 2005Coll
I've not long received the new Osprey catalogue. The book's author is Ian Knight, illustrator is Adam Hook and is available in September.

There may be more details on their website.


PS. The title and price are the same as mentioned in your posting and is part of their Fortress series. (No.35)
12th August 2005Haydn Jones
Rancid (excuse me, but I just have to ask, do you ever have 'off' days?)
Further to Coll's reply above, I was browsing recently and as stated, there is indeed a new book listed by Ian Knight at No. 35 in their Fortress series. It is said to explore the extensive fortifications at places such as Eshowe, Khambula, Rorkes Drift as well as Forts Pearson and Tenedos. I think the illustrator, Adam Hook, does historical reconstructions so all in all it could be something a bit different and worth a look?

Haydn Jones

12th August 2005Martin Everett
But it could be a rehash of work already published by John Laband.
12th August 2005Melvin Hunt
Anyone who uses a name such as Rancid Pebble and also uses an e mail address such as [email protected] deserves to have their question read several times before responding to it. I assume Rancid is also a fan of Little Britain? :-)
12th August 2005Paul Bryant-Quinn

Dear Rancid (may I?)

You kindly inform us that Ian Knight is releasing a book entitled `British Fortifications in Zululand 1879'; that Osprey is publishing it; and that it is reasonably priced at £10.99. You then ask us what this book is called and who has written it. Now I'm probably going out on a limb here, but hazarding a guess I suspect that the volume may well be called `British Fortifications in Zululand 1879' and that the author is a certain Ian Knight.

Kind regards,


12th August 2005Rancid Pebble
Thank you one and all especially Haydn. I think I'll purchase that as I think we all should. Splendid stuff.

Just one more thing before I go. I see someone composed a poem about kwaJimu and I would like you to see mine regarding Ntombi Drift.

It is to the tune of "A Finger of Fudge', you know the one where the kid is playing conquers.

In May I went to Ntombi,
Where Moriarty died,
I then I went Luneberg,
And at his grave I cried,
Not because I'm a weirdo
But to you I'll confide,
I got my family jewels caught up
When doing up my flies.
12th August 2005Edward Bear
Oncevisting time is over, please do make sure that your carers take special trouble to secure you - today, and every day!
12th August 2005Paul Cubbin
Good heavens, cousin Rancid is having an attack of the vapours. It's too unseemly! Marjorie, fetch the smelling salts and fill the bathtub with iced water.
12th August 2005Paul Bryant-Quinn

*Rancid Pebble* may, of course, be an anagram ( 'barbed pencil', among many others). Now is it me, or do we seem to be getting more than our share of other-worldly visitors at the moment? I was under the impression that the identity of contributors to this forum was supposed to be verifiable, and that '[...] if ... authenticity cannot be verified we will assume that there may be some hidden agenda [discussion rule 6]'.

12th August 2005Coll
I was so caught up and serious while involved in the Memorial topic, that after a week off-site, I thought a bit of lighthearted chat with fellow enthusiasts would cheer me up.

Just in case I have spoiled any of the topics with postings I have made lately, I apologise, it was not my intention.

I hated the thought that I might have lost my sense of humour.

13th August 2005Mike McCabe
Good for you.
Seldom much humour on this site though.