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3rd April 2002The Zulu war chant in the movie "Gladiator"
By Brian Moran
In the opening scenes of Gladiator, Maxiumus instructs his men to "unleash hell" - while in the background the Huns are singing the Zulu War Chant and banging their Assagais on their sheilds - plain as day..what a robbery (or a compliment to zulu - not sure which). The chant comes from the opening section of the action scene in Zulu when the Zulu Impis is judging the range of the british guns. As far as i can tell it isn't a recreation either but a direct "cut & paste".

Has anybody noticed this ? take a look at the opening scenes of the movie and judge for yourselves. Let me know cos its driving me mad to find out.

3rd April 2002Glenn Wade
This question has been put forward twice and has raised quite a debate! Check back on the previous messages for reference.
3rd April 2002brian moran're quite correct - i hadn't checked back on the 'acres' of discussions. For some reason i missed this the first time i watched that movie when it came out..

All the best - love the site.
4th April 2002Eddie saunders
Do you think that if there's a remake of Zulu, they'll pinch bits of the Gladiator soundtrack to get them back for it?
5th April 2002David Bluestein
You are spot on! I thought I was the only one who ever noticed. I have seen Zulu ten thoudand times at least, and remember almost leaping out of my seat while seeing Gladiator in the theatre.
5th April 2002Alan Critchley
David, 10,000, I'm sure you're exagerating!
If there is a remake and if it's by Spielberg, I'm going to open a book on how many Americans are pivotal in the defence.
As to the music, I think they should keep the original, without 'Men of Harlech'.

5th April 2002Brian Moran
Has anybody ever had any luck getting a .wav (or other format) of this zulu chant by the way ??

I know there has been discussion about this previously, but the website mentioned is just full of dead links so it wont work..

appreciate if u have it u could mail it to me

5th April 2002Eddie Saunders
Was the theme music to Zulu written for that film? I'm sure my Father (sadly departed) told me that he'd once seen an old Russian film that had the same piece of music as it's theme. He was also a big fan of the film Zulu so I would imagine he was fairly familiar with the score.