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5th April 2002Isandlwana medal
By David Bluestein
Wondering what the going rate is for a 1/24th Isandlwana casualty on the market today. Saw one recently for $8400 (US)!!! That seems like a lot? (I used to buy them for $1500, ten years ago). Thanks David
5th April 2002Lee Stevenson

I'm told that a SA campaign medal with clasp 1877-8-9, to an Isandlwana casualty, 428 Pte J. Jones 1st/24th, sold at Dix Noonan Webb on the 28/3/2002, for 3,600.

Those of the two Rorke's Drift men, Pte. J. Smith and Pte J. Wall, both 2nd/24th, going for 17,000 and 11,000 respectively.......

Any lottery winners out there .......


5th April 2002David Bluestein
Thanks for that info. I should have saved my Idandlwana casualties. I have owned four in total (Prosser, Chalmers, Davies 2/24th and Bull) over the years, and only have one left, Pte. J. Bull 1/24th.