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9th April 2002Which Colours?
By Michael George
In the Famous painting by Fripp we can see the Colours being used to rally the troops, but these Colours were not at the Battle. So what Colours are being shown in the painting?
9th April 2002Glenn Wade
Hi Michael, the colours shown in Charles Fripps' painting are the regimental colours. The regimental colour of the first battalion 24th was in Helpmaakar. The two colours of the second battn were in the guard tent at Isandlwana and the colours themselves were never found. If this colour in the painting is that of the first bttn, it is purley there to appeal to the Victorian public who liked a bit of romanticism in their warfare. This could arrise a new subject of discussion, 'Were the colours of the second battalion used to rally the troops and then taken as a prize by the Zulus'? Did Fripp mean this to be the colour of the second battn?