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I recently purchased a copy of Edmund Yorke's book on Rorke's Drift, which I found very enjoyable and informative. I know o there are two more books about this epic battle. One by James Brancroft and the other, by Michael Glover. Can anyone out there recommend one or both of these books. I would appreciate a little critique before I decide to purchase these books.


9th April 2002James Garland
James Bancroft's book has been critisised in the past for a number opf minor innaccuracies but is still an excellent book. The best I've come across is by Ian Knight called "Nothing remains but to fight" published in 1993 by BCA by arrangement with Greenhill Books ISBN number 1-85367-137-1
Published in London. Ian knights research is meticulous and he has a knack for presenting it in a readable way.
10th April 2002Julian Whybra
I don't wish to appear immodest but I might suggest you look at my 'The Defence of Rorke's Drift' published 1991 by British Archives Publiations which contains Chard's original drawings in colour and has a number of reproductions of Natal newspapers as an archive collection. It's expensive to buy at 39 but you should be able to get it through a library. Glover's book is pretty much a rehash of DR Morris, Bancroft is good but has a lot of inaccuracies as has been stated, Toby Giese's is wildly inaccurate and highly speculative to say the least. Really Knight and Morris plus the original soldiers' accounts are the best bet.
10th April 2002Frank Muscal
I enjoyed reading Knight's "Nothing remains but to fight" and another one he wrote for Osprey(?) military series. I believe both are
better than Glover's. Have not read Bancroft's book.
11th April 2002James Garland
I hadn't heard of your book. Is it still in print? If so could you provide me with the address of British Archive Publications and I will send off for it.
12th April 2002Julian whybra
James, the publisher went into liquidation four years ago. I'm willing to photocopy it and I'll e-mail you direct. Of course, I can't photocopy the accompanying repros of Natal newspapers but these are all referred to appropriately in the text of the booklet.
14th April 2002Colin Wilks
Ian Knight's book was one of the first Anglo Zulu War books I ever purchased. It is large, very readable and full of pictures and, in my humble opinion, one of the best AZW books I have seen. It is still around and, on a recent visit to Midland County Publications in Hinckley, I saw one in their military section. If you are ever out that way with a few hours to spare pop in and have a look. I could do serious damage to my bank account in that place!