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9th April 2002British Zulu War helmet
By Bryce
Does anyone know where to buy a British helmet from the zulu war? reproduction or original.
10th April 2002Diana Blackwell
You can find helmets and much more at:
10th April 2002Gary Laliberty
Hi Bryce,
Not to up stage apologys to you Diana...... :) but, here is a Web site that I think is a better one. And you will be happy to know it is right in the U.K.

10th April 2002CLIVE DICKENS
There is one on sale at present on collecters /militaria
10th April 2002CLIVE DICKENS
Sorry Bryce crrection it is
www. Clive
21st April 2002PAUL BURNS
I have seen similar to what you are looking for at ;