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19th April 2002Purpose of this bulletin board?
By Dave Nolan
A very philosophical question, I know, but what is the purpose of this, or indeed any, internet bulletin board.

Is it to freely disseminate knowledge for the greater good of the community that builds up around a site and those seeking information or is it to provide a means whereby people can be put in touch with other people who will than charge them for information? I like to think of the internet as a place where information is freely exchanged but the contrasting answers to the two postings of the 'mascot' question by Alec Weston below has got me thinking - have I got it all wrong?

I am sure that many people, not just Alec, are interested in the question he raised - I certainly was when I found the answer, thanks to one of the replies - something that would have been denied to me, and anyone else visiting this bulletin board, if there had only been the contrasting reply!

Is information something that should be a commercial commodity, or is the internet becoming just another totally commercial place? Will, in a few years time, all of us say 'remember when......'

Sorry to put a non Zulu War question but I would be interested in the thoughts of those who visit this site - and if I have wasted the time it took you to read this then I apologise!


19th April 2002
19th April 2002Alan Critchley
I don't know what the rest of the internet is becoming, but I do know that I started this site solely to help people interested in the VC winners at Rorke's Drift, to find out more about their personalities, their lives and their final resting places.
Because of the interest shown in the subject, the site has developed to include many different aspects of the Anglo-Zulu War. It is not a commercial site and a great deal of time, effort and expense goes into maintaining it, for the benefit (we hope), of those who share this interest, all without reward. Any blatant misuse of this facility, including items in the "discussion" forum, are removed. "Bulletin Board" suggests someting other than a facility to find out more about the subject. We receive a great number of questions relating to details surrounding the Rorke's Drift engagement and a greater number of serious and relevant replies.
Some of the links which we include may be commercial enterprises, such as accomodation in South Africa or related venues such as the SWB Museum or lectures to be given, related meetings, books etc. We think these are valid inclusions on the site.
As far as this part of the internet is concerned, there is no charge for the information freely contributed by all the visitors to the site, and I hope they will continue.

24th April 2002Stephen McDonald
Thats a valid question.
I've been following this site for about a year now & agree with Allen's take on it.
I've read extensively about the Zulu War and for me its a hobby to research on it.
This site, and in particular the Discussion Forum have been very useful.
I think there are relatively few people in the world who are seriously interested in the Zulu War. This site provides a valuable forum for this small group.
I don't mind the inclusion of some commercial linkages as long as it is balanced by the Web Master. That is, after all, reality.
Lastly, the Anglo Zulu War Society web site is another good forum on the Internet.