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22nd February 2003toilets
By Arthur Bainbridge
In thre film Zulu Hooky goes to the latrine,what were the latrine like were they toilets like we know or a toilet seat over a pit.What type of toilets did the Zulus have,I guess they must have used the toilets quick once the fight started
23rd February 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
Gentleman. I appreciate that this thread could well be treated as a humorous topic. However I implore you to give it some serious thought and then answer at your own convenience.
There springs to mind the old joke about Nelson at Trafalgar. When they were closing with the French he says to a junior officer. “Please go below and bring me my red tunic. If I should be hit and bleed I don’t want the crew to see and loose heart.”
As they got even closer to the French another senior officer instructs his junior to go below and bring him his brown corduroy trousers.

I apologise in advance for any offence the above may cause.
23rd February 2003Peter Critchley
Hehehe.. Very good! :)
23rd February 2003Arthur Bainbridge
An old joke well told ,bui no one has answered my questionmhygene must have been a problem out there,Iwould like a serious answer please
23rd February 2003Peter Harman
I think they were proberly a box like shape with a hole cut out with a bucket underneath.
The bucket was proberly emptied by black leives.
24th February 2003Clive Dickens
In my army day's and I do not think it would differ much in Victorian times, we had plank with hole in it across a pit which had been dug to a depth of around 3ft when it was past it's sell by date so to speak the hole was filled in normally by some poor soul the C.S.M. had singled out for the task in the action you did not even have this luxury you did the best you could while I was in Malaya for instance on active service you did the buisness and placed into a bag or receptical of some sort and buried becaurse if you did not you could quite easily give your position away to the Communist terrorists.
24th February 2003Geoff
In the RAF i recal an even more crude "Loo" than Clive's that we had to use once, and there was me thinking we were more refined in the air force. This loo was in a small wood, and it was a hole dug in the ground between two trees. The idea was that you dropped your trousers, and took hold of two rope loops, one from each tree. You then swung yourself over the hole from the rope loops, and dangled your rear end over said hole. The rest is obvious. I suspect that this method goes way back into history. I don't ever recal seeing it recreated in the RAF Museum though.
25th February 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
While we are on this fascinating subject let me share a little story with you. I have a younger sister and when we were children my father used to call her his “Desert Rose”. I always saw this as a term of affection. Then I read one of the old colour supplements in a U.K. newspaper that carried an article on slang used by British soldiers in the western desert during WW2. My father was one of those soldiers.
It appears that large metal funnels were pushed down into the sand for soldiers to urinate in. The liquid would be absorbed by the sand well below the surface and this would reduce flies and smell. Large numbers of these funnels would be planted in designated areas and were referred to by the troops as, you guessed it. “Desert Roses”.
I told dad I knew his secret but not my sister.