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1st March 2003Movie "Zulu"
By W.R. Dowling
I have seen the movie "Zulu" several times and every time I watch it I come away even more impressed with the courage and determination of the British soldier as it must have been during the assault at Rorke's Drift. Has anyone heard of the possibility of re-making the movie "Zulu". In light of several other historical movies that have been made over the recent years, an updated version of the battle at Rorke's Drift would prove a significant topic in world military history.
1st March 2003Richard Waters
I've heard a few rumours flying around that they are planning to re-make Zulu, hopefully in the near futurie. Mainly because of the recent spurt of classic Michael Caine films being remade. You can't really get a more classic Michael Caine film than Zulu.

There was even an insane rumour going around that Sylvester Stallone was in talks for the Caine role again but fortunately they were denied. I would love to see both Zulu films remade.

2nd March 2003Clive Dickens
I hope you are correct we could do with an entirely new version of the film with true to life caricature portrayal this time, but please no Yanks we have plenty of good British actors without going across the Atlantic for them especially those like Sylvester Stalone. how about the likes of Damian Lewis for a start he would make an ideal Chard.
2nd March 2003Richard Waters
I think Joseph Fiennes would be better. Make sure your thinking of Joseph Fiennes and not Ralph Fiennes before you argue with me.
2nd March 2003John Young

Damian Lewis would be better for Bromhead, he was talking about roles for red heads last night on Parkinson, and there's one for him straight off.

3rd March 2003Arthur Bainbridge
I cant se a remake getting done as it would cost a lot of money unless it was backed by an american film company who would insist on american stars.The film must entertain people and should not try to be a documentry,it needs good charactrisation.Ask your self why was the Zulu popular in the first place,because you cared for the characters.
3rd March 2003Clive Dickens
Yes I would go along with that they could also have your good self and Ian Knight as advisors then we could rely on the the film being done wih the correct portrayal of the caricatures. but please NO Yanks I know what Bill says is perhaps correct, but I could not stomach it with the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis. any way could you imagine if they had been there in 1879 we would have had more troops killed by them than the Zulu, I know I was on the receiving end of their so called friendly fire in Korea and they did it again in the Gulf war and then again with the Canadians in Afghanistan so no thank you keep it British
3rd March 2003Clive Dickens
Sorry Arthur it seems that I have re- christened you Bill Sorry
3rd March 2003Diana Blackwell
I agree with you about "no Yanks" but surely friendly fire has nothing to do with it. The real reason to keep American actors out of a remake is: they suck. The lowliest, most obscure British character actor has more talent than most American stars. Sad but true.
Also... is there any real reason to think a remake is coming? I've seen nothing beyond some wishful statements by "Zulu" fans, mostly within this forum.

3rd March 2003Arthur Bainbridge
Cive my middle name is William so Bills not too far out.I think your wrong about American actors there are good and bad in both uk and usa.I agree its only fans who seem to mention remakes,Dianna I watched Zulu the other night and you get mentioned on the dvd commentry,well done.
4th March 2003Clive Dickens
Diana & Arthur
Firstly Diana I agree with what you say we do have the best Character actors.but in regards to Yanks as soldiers although they have hearts of gold I have great mistrust of them in conflict I have been on the receiving end of their so called friendly fire the trouble with them as soldiers they are too "Gung Oh" I do not know if their is to be a remake of Zulu like the rest of us I would like to think so but I still sincerely hope they do not have any of our American friends taking part in any re-make.
4th March 2003Diana Blackwell
Thanks very much. It certainly took me by surprise!
11th March 2003Joseph
I am new here, but am a person who is as enthralled with this era of British history as anyone. I do not see the sense of slighting the US military... all countries, England included, have horrible instances of friendly fire episodes. I choose not to dishonor the brave souls who fought for freedom regardless of country, by insulting these same soldiers who would give their lives for you and me. Remember, we have been allies more often in history than not, and faced many foes together. Let's hope in the impending war in Iraq, if it happens, the only people who receive British or American fire are the Iraqi military.
11th March 2003Joseph
Besides... isn't this place supposed to be a discussion of the Anglo-Zulu War?