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6th March 2003Colonial volunteers in Wood's flying column
By Justin Young
I'm wanting to find out information on the volunteer units that served with woods flying column, such as Transval Rangers, FLH, Border Horse etc. Could anyone tell me if the is anything published on these units (histories,who served at which battle etc. ) I've got brief descriptions in various books but am looking for more detailed infomation.
Any help would be much appreciated.
6th March 2003John Young

The Anglo-Zulu War Research Society has previously published articles on the Frontier Light Horse & the Border Horse.

'Vinnicombe's Trek' by R.N. Currey contains information about William Domment Vinnicombe, one of the F.L.H.'s D.C.M. winners.

'What Happened to a V.C.' by Patricia D'Arcy is a biography of H.C.D. D'Arcy V.C. of the F.L.H., as well as this it contains information on the F.L.H.

To my knowledge there are no detailed unit histories that relate to these short-lived units.
6th March 2003Martin Everett
Dear Justin,
I have a published limited edition (50 copies) of the diary of Serg. Major Frederick Cheffins of Raaff's (or Transvaal) Rangers who was with Wood's column.
6th March 2003Justin
Hi John and Martin Thanks for your replies, The Zulu war was a real interest of mine for many years but I was away from it for a while -until picking up one of my books for a look a short time ago and this has rekindled my interest, I've just joined the The Anglo-Zulu War Research Society , so will take a note of these articles John. I remember Ian Knight sent me some copies of an article on the volunteers at Isandhlwana several years ago but I hadn't asked for anything on the Volunteer units with Wood.
Martin would it be possible to email me any details of this book, it sounds really interesting ([email protected])

Many thank
6th March 2003John Young

I completely forgot I have a photocopy of the journal of Captain & Paymaster H. Hutton, of the F.L.H. covering the campaigning of the unit, from 1878 until it was disbanded. Sadly I have no idea as to current owner of the original text which would make a very good read, if annotated correctly.
6th March 2003Bill Cainan

In about two weeks time Osprey Publishing will be bringing out No 388 in their Men-at-Arms series entitled "Zulu War - Volunteers, Irregulars and Auxiliaries. In it there are sections on all the units you quote above, plus photographs.

6th March 2003Justin
Hi John

Would it possible to get a photo copy of these papers (Obviously I would pay) either by Fax or Mail?
Hi Bill thanks for this- what a coincidence - I will just take a look at the Osprey site.

Many Thanks
8th March 2003Gary
Check out "Blood on the Painted Mountain" by Ron Lock. This book focuses on Hlobane & Kambula and has a wealth of information concerning the colonial units serving with Wood.
8th March 2003Justin
Hi Gary
Thanks for your suggestion. I've actually had this book since it was first published (its great) and this was the book that got me interested in Wood's column.