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6th March 2003british actors from `zulu` used as propaganda for SA government
By jay
in order to be able to film `zulu` in South Africa, the british actors and crew had to co-operate with the SA Government. A propaganda film was made showing `the making of zulu` in which all the cast&crew were shown and being friendly towards the South African authorities.This to show the world that `Apartheid` allows projects like `zulu` to be made and everything is `ok`. Many may have had mixed feelings about this. However this film was never completed, got lost and forgotten and you all know about it.
6th March 2003James Garland
What do we all know about? What's your point? Are you another contributor who wants to use readers love of history to make a (yawn) political point. If I've misread your meaning please explain. It's the "and you all know about it" bit that makes me ask.
7th March 2003Diana Blackwell
I had never heard about this propaganda film before, so thanks for the information. How did you find out about this? Has any footage survived? And why was it never finished? Did the "Zulu" cast/crew do something to block its release?
Baker's widow has said that the people involved in making "Zulu" were politically progressive and strongly anti-racist. (Caine's autobiography also makes this point).
Merely "being friendly" to government authorities who have allowed you to film in their country could be considered elementary good manners, not an endorsement of their policies. In any case, however difficult or unpleasant it may have been for the makers of "Zulu" to be civil to the South African government, I think the end justifies the means in this case. Otherwise "Zulu" might never have been made.