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8th March 2003Sergeant Windridge
By Tom Aitken
Does anybody have any information on the life and career of Sgt. Windridge (portrayed by Joe Powell in the movie)? The movie leads one to believew that his role in the battle was significant, and there is little doubt of that, yet little can be found concerning him.
8th March 2003Martin Everett

I do hold his orginal parchment army discharge certificate. As you say there little about his role at Rorke's Drift, but you could say that about many of the NCOs and soldiers.
29th April 2003Mike Burdett
My father found, whilst searching his family history, that Joseph Windridge is related to me via my grandmother's side. The only information that we have is similar to that found in "The Silver Wreath".
By chance I now live in Balcombe, the birthplace of Colour seargent Bourne.
22nd January 2004karen
My maiden name is Windridge and I am researching my family history and believe Joseph to be a family member as many of my
family served in the Warwickshire Regiment. I am trying to find out more about him. Have you found out any more info? The family all came from the Coventry/ Alcester areas.
25th February 2004Leigh Windridge
I'm a descendant of Joseph Windridge and would also love to find out more information on his role and his descendants too.
Until 5 years ago I was still living in Atherstone, Warwickshire and now I'm just over the border in Leicestershire.
Would love to hear from anyone with any information.