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23rd April 2003Zulu Dawn....
By Alex Rossiter
Hi all..

on ebay there was a zulu dawn video that had 2 extra minutes of footage , it said it was the first version ,i was wondering does anyone know where i may be able to get a hold of a copy or what extra bit's were in the 2 minutes? , i was away when the auction ended (re-enactment event) so i wasnt able to up my bid :(
24th April 2003Alex Rossiter
Ive just discoveard the other old video that is a lot more common (with the faces of the officers on the front ) runs for 117 minutes compared to the 115 minutes of the rare one and to the 113 minutes of the new one most people have.
Are these extra minutes nothing or extra battle scene??
25th April 2003Sheldon Hall
The standard UK theatrical running time of Zulu Dawn is 117 minutes. According to the British Board of Film Classification's website the r/t of the VHS and DVD versions released in Britain is 112 mins 25 seconds, with no cuts made. The apparent discrepancy in running times is because PAL format video runs at 25 frames per second, whereas 35mm film runs at 24 frames per second (the same as the American video format NTSC) - hence a film shown on UK TV or video will be fractionally faster than when seen in cinemas (eg a 100-minute film will run 96 mins on TV). The r/t of 115 mins for the other version you mention is quite probably a rough approximation to one or other of these timings rather than an alternate cut. However, as a matter of interest, Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide (a US publication) gives a r/t of 121 mins while stating that the film was originally released in the US in a theatrical version running only 98 mins!