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28th April 2003new film zulu
By kevin heslop
is there any truth in the rummer the yanks are going to remake the film zulu iv even read this in a magazine
29th April 2003Richard Waters
So far the status of the rumours is; We don't know but we hope not!
29th April 2003Arthur Bainbridge
Lewis could you tell me which magazine you got the news of a possible Zulu remake,its an often discussed subject on theses pages and causes great passionate arguements for and against,
29th April 2003KEVIN HESLOP
the magazine was a womans mag the artical was a interveiw with sir michal cain but i do not know the name of the magazine
30th April 2003richard
there are films other than zulu that it would be an insult to remake. and believe it or not their planning to do a remake of casablanca! there was also talk of mel gibson starring in a remake of the dambusters, but that idea has been quitly dropped.
30th April 2003Mark Hobson
I know we've had this conversation before, but it annoys me slightly when we talk about a "remake" of Zulu. Would it be an actual remake, as in Psycho which was a frame by frame copy of Hitchcock's original? Or just a retelling of the same story? Nobody describes Titanic as a remake of A Night To Remember. In my view, a remake concerns a film of fiction which is remade years later, such as Planet Of The Apes, The Italian Job and so on. Rorke's Drift is fact.
And besides, Zulu was not the first film made about Rorke's Drift. In 1918 Symbol Of Sacrifice was made, covering all the battles of the Zulu War, but nobody describes Zulu as a remake of that.
1st May 2003Trevor Finney
Got a feeling the yanks will put the 2 battles on that day in the same film. More bloodthirsty of course. Its true they are linked!
I also fear the film would cash in on, and include the current controversy concerning alledged atrocities by the Brits after RD.