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29th April 2003Zulu Dawn on BBC1 next Monday
By Ian Woodason
For us UKers 'Zulu' is a regular staple of Bank Holidays but it has been a long time since ZD has been on TV

10.30am Monday morning BBC1

Ian Woodason
29th April 2003Alex Rossiter
nooooo!!, the last time zulu dawn was on tv it didnt tape ,this time im on holiday be nice to watch it live on tv as ive worn out my zulu dawn tape, thankyou for the info
30th April 2003Clive Dickens
Zulu Dawn was nearer to what actually happened on Jan 22 1879 than Zulu but never gained the popularity that Zulu did, but it was a very fine film and the video is still obtainable at the cost of £14.99 from the shop of the South Wales Borderers 24th ft ( see Shop on this site) and all money goes towards the upkeep of this very fine museum so please think about buying a copy instead of videoing it from TV.
1st May 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
While it is a film I own and have seen a number of times I donít think it is any ware near as good as Zulu. I found most of it slow and tedious and frankly the characters were far too shallow. Historically near accurate maybe but just not in the same class as Zulu. The same film on the same budget could have been made a lot better.
4th May 2003Joseph
Hear Hear Clive,
I for one think supporting the museums is really the better route. So, watch it live but buy a copy! Does anyone know if the SWB museum sells it in US format? I can buy it here in the states of course but would rather spend my money suppoting a good cause.
12th February 2004Windell Cotton
Zulu Dawn seemed much more real than Zulu. It had a better feel and the battle scene was one of the all time greats. I wish there had been a little more dialoge between the British soilders. I also would have like to seen more scenes from the Zulu point of view. I do have to say that my favorite character from both movies was Michael Caines role in Zulu. Just too much dead time in Zulu.